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Origin Solar e-voucher $250 + BONUS $500 Discount

Product code: 12948



Limited Offer Origin Solar e-voucher $250 + BONUS $500 Discount

Origin Solar e-voucher $250 + BONUS $500 Discount

Product code: 12948



Eligible customers who redeem 48,080 points for an Origin Solar e-voucher worth $250 receive a Bonus $500 Discount1 on the quoted cost of a new Origin Solar System.2

Points can only be redeemed in increments of 48,080 ($250) and redemption is capped at 336,560 points ($1,750). See Terms & Conditions (next tab). This Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Want to go solar with Origin Energy? Follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm you're eligible for this offer

    Check solar is right for you and your residential property by visiting Origin's website here.

  2. Contact Origin on 1300 308 624 to organise your solar system installation

    Discuss the right Origin solar system for you and organise installation. Origin will provide you with a reference number. Keep this for step 3.

  3. After installation, redeem points by calling the NAB Loyalty team on 13 22 65

    Call within 5 business days of your solar system installation. Provide your reference number and redeem your points. Importantly, make sure you have enough points to redeem to participate in this offer, otherwise the full quotation price will be payable by you to Origin3.

  4. The NAB Loyalty team will pass on your details to Origin

    Shortly after, you will receive an email from the NAB Loyalty team to let you know that you have successfully redeemed your points and qualify for the Bonus $500 Discount. Note: this email is your e-voucher reflecting part-payment in redeemed points towards the cost of the Origin Solar System.

  5. Receive your updated solar system installation invoice from Origin

    Origin will apply the e-voucher and Bonus $500 Discount towards the installation quotation price and send you an invoice for the outstanding cost within 10 business days.

These T&Cs apply in addition to the NAB Rewards Terms and Conditions and Origin customer terms and conditions.

1'Bonus $500 Discount' means $500.00 discount on the cost of a new Origin Solar System purchased & installed. Applies to one installation, one residential property & one Origin invoice only. i.e. the maximum discount you can receive is $500.00

2'Origin Solar System' means solar panels that capture sunlight & an inverter to convert it into energy. Battery not included.

3 Points must be redeemed as per the process on the Description tab to avail of this offer, or the full quotation price will be payable by you to Origin.

Only available for residential premises in locations serviced by Origin (as confirmed by Origin before you redeem points), & will not apply to any other Origin services or energy bills. The Bonus $500 Discount is not available with any other Origin offer.

You must have a minimum 48,080 points at the time of redemption to apply $250 towards the cost of the Origin Solar System to receive the Bonus $500 Discount. Under this offer, NAB Rewards Points must be redeemed in increments of 48,080, which will be applied to payment of the Origin quotation price in increments of $250.00. This means that any difference between the $250.00 increment purchased via points redemption and the total Origin quotation price (if lower) is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Maximum number of points that can be applied is 336,560 ($1,750).

Obtaining a reference number from Origin you agree to NAB and Origin sharing your personal information to fulfil the redemption of your NAB Rewards Points and enable the Bonus $500 Discount to be applied. This will include your name; email address; Solar System purchased; & details of the amount paid and saved by you under this offer.

NAB is not responsible for any costs, loss or damage relating to the purchase, installation and/or maintenance of the purchased Origin Solar System.

This Offer may be withdrawn at any time.


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