Partner programs

Partner programs


Use your NAB Rewards Points with our loyalty partner programs.


3,000 NAB Rewards Points = 3,000 Flybuys points for Platinum and Signature cards*

One time transfer

Or automatically redeem for Flybuys points

Set up auto redemption

* The earning and redemption of NAB Rewards Points is subject to NAB Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. Minimum redemption amounts apply. The use of other reward program points is subject to the Terms and Conditions of that reward program.



Love Flybuys? Set up auto redemption to have your NAB Rewards Points balance automatically transferred to Flybuys every week.

Plus boost your Flybuys points balance by setting up auto redemption before 30 April 2022 to score an extra 10% on top of the amount transferred in your first 3 months.^

Click set up auto redemption above under Flybuys.


^The Flybuys account membership number and name must match an active Flybuys membership account. NAB Rewards customers must signup to Flybuys auto redemption between 1 April 2022 to 30 April 2022 (Promotion Period) to receive the bonus 10% Flybuys points. 10% bonus Flybuys points to be awarded for all three months in July 2022. Flybuys terms & conditions apply to Flybuys points once transferred from NAB Rewards points.