How it works

Shop and earn bonus points

1. Always start at NAB Rewards

Login to access the Store via the NAB App or NAB Internet Banking and ensure your cookies are enabled so we can track the points you earn. Click Earn in the main menu.

2. Shop your favourite retailers online

Find your favourite retailer, click ‘Shop Now’ and you’ll go straight to their website where you can shop as usual. Complete your purchase in the same session and don't click off your browser.

3. Be rewarded

Once the retailer has validated your purchase you’ll receive your Bonus Points. This can vary by retailer but is usually within 90 days.

NAB Rewards Bonus Points Shop Terms and Conditions 

The NAB Rewards Bonus Points Shop (Bonus Points Shop) allows you to browse retailers (as defined below) and retailer offers and earn bonus points on eligible purchases (both as defined below) when you shop online with retailers on transactions made via the Bonus Points Shop using

You must be a member of NAB Rewards to earn bonus points on retailer transactions made via the Bonus Points Shop and as a member you acknowledge, accept and agree to the following terms and conditions (Terms):

1.  In addition to these Terms, your use of the Bonus Points Shop is subject to any terms and conditions published on or that are linked from the Bonus Points Shop (for example. retailer terms and conditions).

2.  When you make purchases with retailers on transactions made via the Bonus Points Shop, the terms and conditions of the retailer will apply to your purchase which may include terms relating to deliveries and returns.

3.  Please contact the NAB Loyalty Team if you have a query regarding bonus points earned through the Bonus Points Shop.

4. Membership

  1. The Bonus Points Shop is for the sole use of NAB Rewards cardholders using your NAB Rewards credit card for permitted personal and commercial use. You are not permitted to use the Bonus Points Shop for any commercial purchases or activity (other than permitted transactions made using a NAB Rewards Business Credit Card). We may suspend or terminate your membership if we reasonably suspect that you are using the Bonus Point Shop other than for the types of use permitted in this term.
  2. If we, in our sole discretion, suspect fraudulent or suspicious activity in relation to your membership, we may immediately suspend or terminate your membership without notice to you.

5. Tracking

  1. Your purchases through the Bonus Points Shop with retailers are tracked and reported to us by retailers on transactions made through the use of cookies.
  2. You must agree to the use of cookies, ensure cookies are enabled with your browser and that any security software on your computer allows use of cookies, in order for your purchases to be tracked and bonus points to be allocated to eligible purchases.
  3. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you acknowledge that bonus points will not be earned. You can learn more about cookies here.
  4. Transactions are electronically tracked and reported back by retailers.

6. Earning Points

  1. You can earn bonus points using your NAB Rewards credit card on eligible purchases from retailers on transactions made as displayed on the Bonus Points Shop, subject to NAB Rewards terms and conditions and retailer terms and conditions (available directly from the retailer).
  2. Bonus points can be earned on the net value of eligible purchases (excluding GST, all other taxes, surcharges, and delivery costs). Bonus points have no equivalent cash value unless explicitly stated in these Terms and NAB Rewards terms and conditions. Bonus points are not earned on taxes or delivery costs.
  3. Retailers and number of bonus points earned per retailer may change at any time without notice. Boosted bonus points offers (Boosted offers) are promotional Bonus Points offers available for a limited time through using the Bonus Points Shop.
  4. To earn bonus points, you must be logged into your NAB Rewards account, make an eligible purchase with a retailer in the one session through the Bonus Points Shop, and use the links to the retailer's site. If you go directly to a retailer’s site to buy a product, this will not be an considered an eligible purchase and you will not earn bonus points.
  5. Please review retailer purchase terms and conditions before making a purchase – purchases are subject to each retailer’s terms and conditions. Any matters (including questions or complaints), relating to your purchase must be taken up by you directly with the retailer.
  6. Retailer purchases may not always earn bonus points, or bonus points may be earned at different rates for particular eligible purchases, refer to NAB Rewards individual retailer offer terms and conditions for further information.
  7. Price of purchases are in the currency specified by the applicable retailer and may change at any time. The amount of bonus points earned are calculated by converting from purchase currency (if applicable) to Australian dollars (AUD) and multiplying the AUD value of the purchase by the stated points earn rate.
  8. If you make purchases in a foreign currency, the bonus points you earn for your purchase will be calculated based on the AUD equivalent purchase price, using an exchange rate set by us (at our sole discretion) at the time of processing. The amount charged in AUD to your credit card may be different to the exchange rate that is set by the relevant credit card scheme or retailer, as applicable.
  9. Bonus points will only apply to eligible purchases and will only be credited to your NAB Rewards account once all of the following have taken place: a retailer approves your eligible purchase; the retailer’s returns/cancellation period for the eligible purchases has expired; the retailer is satisfied the transaction for the eligible purchase is complete.
  10. You acknowledge and agree that approval of an eligible purchase is in the sole discretion of the retailer who you have made an eligible purchase from.
  11. If you cancel or return any purchase, use an invalid coupon or method of payment at the point of sale, do not meet applicable purchase conditions, or the retailer cancels a purchase (including if the purchase did not meet cookie tracking/verification requirements), or the purchase was cancelled due to fraudulent, deceptive or misleading behaviour, you will not earn bonus points on the purchase and any bonus points which may have already been allocated to your membership account will be removed.

7. Change of Terms

  1. Make sure you regularly visit Bonus Points Shop to review content and terms and conditions which are subject to change at any time. Your on-going use of the Bonus Points Shop will be deemed acceptance of any change to the Bonus Points Shop content and / or Terms.
  2. The Bonus Points Shop is protected by certain intellectual property rights, including copyright.

8. Exclusion of Liability

  1. You access and use the Bonus Points Shop at your own risk. Neither we nor third parties we use in relation to the Bonus Points Shop (our third parties) are responsible and do not accept any liability:
    1. For the content, availability or any failure of the Bonus Points Shop or third party websites (including retailer websites) or content that link to the Bonus Points Shop;
    2. If for any reason retailers incorrectly report purchases, transactions, or delay or errors in reporting transactions, or if retailers fail to report back purchases at all;
    3. For any failure in communication between us, retailers, our third parties, or members which are beyond our reasonable control;
    4. For any unauthorised use of your membership of any kind;
    5. In the unlikely event of any loss, interruptions, disruption or damage (damage) to your data, computer, or device that may occur in relation to your use of the Bonus Points Shop irrespective of how that damage arises including in relation to any virus, bug, or other kind of harmful code.
  2. To the extent are permitted by law to do so, we and our third parties:
    1. Do not make any warranty with regard to any purchases and expressly exclude all representations as to title, fitness for purpose, merchantability and/or satisfactory quality regarding any purchases.
    2. Exclude all liability to you or anyone else for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising from your purchases or your use of the Bonus Points Shop regardless of whether the liability arose from negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and regardless of whether we have any control over circumstances giving rise to the claim or not.

9. General

  1. Information displayed on the Bonus Points Shop is for information purposes only and is not binding on either us or our third parties unless incorporated by express reference in these Terms.
  2. Defined terms have the meaning given to them in the body of these Terms or as follows, as the case may be:
    bonus points” means incrementally accrued NAB rewards points that may be earned with retailers for purchases through the Bonus Points Shop.
    eligible purchase/s” means the purchase of a product by you from a retailer through the Bonus Points Shop which qualifies for bonus points in accordance with retailer’s applicable terms and conditions.
    boosted offers” means promotional Bonus Points offers available for a limited time only through using the Bonus Points Shop.
    membership” means your membership as a member of NAB Rewards.
    product/s” means any goods, services, products, offers or items purchased by you from a retailer.
    purchase/s” means purchase of products by you from a retailer, and includes eligible purchases.
    retailer” means a retailer of products that participates in, and makes products available to you through, the Bonus Points Shop.
    we”, “our” or “us” means National Australia Bank Limited [ABN]
    you” or “your” means you as the individual user of the Bonus Points Shop.